OpenSpiel functions: load_game

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  1. load_game(game_string: str)

  2. load_game(game_string: str, parameters: Dict[str, Any])

Returns a newly-loaded game. The game string can be the short name of any game on its own, or the short name followed by a comma-separated list of key=value pairs within parentheses.


import pyspiel

# Loads the game with no/default parameters.
game1 = pyspiel.load_game("tic_tac_toe")

# Loads the game with no/default parameters (8x8 Breakthrough)
game2 = pyspiel.load_game("breakthrough")

# Load a three-player Kuhn poker game.
game3 = pyspiel.load_game("kuhn_poker(players=3)")

# Load the imperfect information variant of Goofspiel with five cards, and the
# unspecified parameters get their default values (two different ways):
game4 = pyspiel.load_game("goofspiel(imp_info=True,num_cards=5,points_order=descending)")
game5 = pyspiel.load_game("goofspiel", {
    "imp_info": True,
    "num_cards": 5,
    "points_order": "descending"