OpenSpiel game methods: max_game_length

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The maximum length of any one game (in terms of number of decision nodes visited in the game tree).

For a simultaneous action game, this is the maximum number of joint decisions. In a turn-based game, this is the maximum number of individual decisions summed over all players. Outcomes of chance nodes are not included in this length.


import pyspiel

game = pyspiel.load_game("tic_tac_toe")
print(game.max_game_length())    # Output: 9

# Normal-form games always have one
game = pyspiel.load_game("blotto")
print(game.max_game_length())    # Output: 1

# The maximum is arbitrarily defined (and/or customizable) is some games.
game = pyspiel.load_game("coop_box_pushing")
print(game.max_game_length())    # Output: 100
game = pyspiel.load_game("coop_box_pushing(horizon=250)")
print(game.max_game_length())    # Output: 250